EGGS – EGGS – EGGS family friday

8 Apr

Whether you celebrate Ostara, Easter or Both – colorful eggs are definitely a sign of the season.

Since our family consists of not only Pagans, but Christians as well, we have decided to celebrate the Ostara Egg festivities on the first Sunday following the first Full Moon after Ostara – which just so happens to be the same day Christian’s celebrate Easter Sunday.  This way all of our family can celebrate together.  Since I know many Pagans who celebrate as we do, I thought now would be a great time to share a few egg coloring favorites.

EGGS – EGGS – EGGS:  Part 1 – Coloring

Look for Part 2 – Crystal Eggs, later this week.

A Few Famulare Egg Coloring Favorites

I regret to say that although I had planned to photograph a few of these techniques in progress and complete, the sicky-bugs have invaded my family again, and we have just not been physically up for it.  I apologize, and I will do my best to try and post a few pictures on facebook after our Ostara ritual later this month.


Natural Egg Dying

Every year for the past few years, my family looks for the best method to naturally dye our eggs.  There are so many websites out there, with so many different ways to do this.  The key is – patience!  Natural dyes are not the quick fix you’ll find with Paas Egg Dying kits.  They take time!  The longer your eggs stay in the dyes – the brighter they will be.


There are essentially 2 ways to go about dying your eggs.

1.  Boil your RAW eggs in the dye materials as they boil.

I like this method a lot, in theory – so much more efficient, but I’ll admit, we haven’t tried it yet, this year will be our first attempt.

2.  Hardboil your eggs first.  Boil your dye.  Then soak and refrigerate, preferably overnight.

We have had very good luck with this method – but it does require making room in your refrigerator for bowls of dye, and you do have to be careful not to dye your good dishes.  We did that once – WHOOPS! has a very useful dye chart that I have personally found very helpful in creating our natural egg dye concoctions, and I definitely recommend you take a look.
We have personally tried – and liked the results – using:
  • Onion Skins:  Yellow, Red and Purple
  • Grape Juice
  • Beets
  • Purple Cabbage (although we prefer the blue result from using Blueberries)
  • Turmeric, and
  • My favorite is the Mossy Green effect we got from using Red Bush Tea!
I have had absolutely no luck with:
  • Orange Peel or Spinach, Wine or Paprika.
And I can’t wait to try:
  • Raspberries this year!  I have heard other crafters enjoying beautiful red results.
Some Fun Ways to Spice Them Up
There are a few fun ways to liven up your colored eggs:


  • For a tie-dyed effect – Wrap your eggs randomly with rubber bands before dying – remove after dying
  • For a mottled effect – add a small amount of cooking oil to your dye and stir before soaking your eggs
  • For a two-toned look – dip one side of your egg in paraffin wax before soaking, when dry removing the wax will reveal the white or previously dyed base shade of your egg while the unwaxed side will take on the new color
  • For resist designs – use a crayon to draw your designs before soaking
  • For a glitter or crystal effect – add a tsp of liquid glue to a cup of cold water, stir, dip your egg then sprinkle with glitter, sprinkles or fine sugar


Okay – I hate to say it, but this one is really self-explanatory.  Using a few acrylic paints and a small paintbrush you can create all kinds of fabulous designs on your dyed, hardboiled or raw eggs.  But have you ever tried painting your eggs the CTMH way???

First – Please know this is just a theory, I have not yet tried this on actual eggs!  However I have used this method to “splatter” paint other objects and have been VERY happy with the results, I can’t see why it would be any different for eggs, so with that in mind…

This year I’m going to experiment with misting my eggs using CTMH’s new Spray Pen!  Here’s the Plan…

Prepare your Spray Pen:
Prepare your Egg and Space:
  • Dye or Paint a hardboiled egg to achieve your desired base shade.
  • Prepare a sheet of wax paper, newspaper or some other disposable covering to protect your workspace.
Mist Away:
  • Hold your spray pen 8 inches away from your work surface – imagining where you will be holding your egg
  • Spray a test spot and notice where the majority of your spray will land.
  • Hold your spray pen 8 inches away from your egg
  • Angle the egg into the spray area where the mist effect is the most desirable.
  • Spray your egg.
  • Rotate and Repeat until you are happy with the result.
  • Set your egg aside to dry.
NOTE:  Be sure to clean your Spray Pen nozzle after use so the paint mixture does not dry out and clog your pen.

One More Thought

For a larger speckled design, try this technique:
  • Pour some of your ReInker mixture from your Spray Pen into a small Craft Jar
  • Apply the mixture to a fan brush (like the one found in CTMH’s Distressing Kit)
  • Holding the brush about 6 inches away from your egg, flick the bristles of the brush to create the desired speckled effect
  • Repeat on all sides of your egg
  • Allow time to dry

Can’t wait to see how they turn out…

Please comment and share links to your pictures if you have a creative egg coloring technique to share.

Blessings and Happy Crafting,



Getting to Know You –seva circle–

7 Apr


Seva Circle is about Selfless Work and Community – so naturally, I don’t want to talk about me…



Blogs are a funny thing – especially “how to” blogs and “product” blogs like these.  Early on, it’s really hard to know if you are reaching people – and as many of you know, comments and subscriber count really are very unreliable as indicators.

My hit counter says you are out there, that YOU are reading my posts…  but who are you?

I’d really like to know.  So, this week I want to dedicate Seva Circle to getting to know you – my readers.  Even if I there is just one of you out there, I want to know you.

So please – speak up…

  • Introduce yourself,
  • Tell us why you visit this site or what you hope to find here, and
  • If you have your own blog – post a link to it here in the comments section so we can find you.

Next week – when my “Links Love” page goes up, I’ll make sure your on it.

And – If you don’t have a blog of your own, but know of one you think we’ll like – you can post it here as well.

I can’t wait to meet you!



Wordless Wednesday

6 Apr


5 Apr


You may have noticed that I’m REALLY pushing Paper Flowers lately – I am!  But there is a reason for that…

Why Paper Flowers?

Easter and Beltane are almost here, and I have a great family friendly project in the works – but it requires paper flowers.  There are so many to choose from that I can’t possibly fit them all in one post, so I’m bringing them to you a few at a time…


Today’s Technique Tuesday is dedicated to the “Spring Up” paper flower utilizing the My Acrylix “Spring Up” Stamp Set from CTMH.


It’s as simple as Stamp, Trim, Cut and Curl:

  • Stamp the image on your choice of cardstock.
  • Trim out the flower using your Micro-Tip Scissors
  • Cut carefully along the petal line, and
  • Curl in the petals

You can adhere them to your project with glue dots and add crumpled paper centers as shown in the tutorial below; or you can do like Jeanette Lynton and use liquid glass and sparkles, opaques or some other embellishment to the center.  Both varieties are beautiful; and either way – these “Spring Up” paper flowers are so much fun and easy enough that even my 10 year old daughter can make them!

The tools and materials featured in this tutorial are:

P.S. –

I have a bonus flower for those of you who actually read the whole post!

I’m sure you remember my previous Spring Flower article showing how to use CTMH’s  pink Rosette Ribbon from the to make beautiful ribbon rosettes for your projects.

Well, the adorable ribbon flower you see here was also made using one of the ribbons from CTMH’s Designer Pink Ribbon Collection.


and you have the adorable ribbon flower you see here.

For any of the products mentioned in this article, please visit my CTMH papercrafts store.  And if you do decide to try any of the techniques shown on this site – please share!  I look forward to seeing your projects.

Blessings and Happy Crafting,


Week 1 – ANYTHING GOES Studio J® Challenge

3 Apr


Our very first Studio J Challenge

And YES! there are PRIZES!

Click HERE for Details

About Studio J®

Studio J® is such an incredible option – online scrapbook that is easy to use, saves time, and produces a high quality TANGIBLE scrapbooking page that will last lifetimes.

The layout above I made tonight, in less than 30 minutes – I am seriously technically challenged, a ridiculous perfectionist and my traditional layouts take me HOURS to complete.  Not to mention that they cost me a small fortune in papers and embellishments because I do tend to go overboard.  Studio J® saves me time, money, and allows me to share instantly with my family over the internet.

I love Studio J® so much that I want you to try it too.  So – I’ve created this weekly Studio J® Challenge, exclusively for my readers.  Each challenge will include a tip, technique or tutorial to help you better understand Studio J® and improve your artwork.  You will have the opportunity to network and bring traffic to your blog, because we will ALL want to see your work; and best of all – you can win great prizes! Check out our new page for details.

Now on to the First Challenge:

Since Studio J is a new concept for many of you, I thought I’d make this first challenge, an easy one.

The challenge is simple:

  • Watch the following Tutorial.
  • Sign Up – and
  • Create your first layout in Studio J® – literally Anything Goes!

Once you have your JPEG, upload it to your blog or facebook, and post a link directly to your layout in the comments section of this post, before 10:59 pm (PST) on Saturday, April 9th.

How Do I Win?

The TOP 3 picks will be showcased on my blog by Noon (PST) – Sunday, April 10th.

If your layout is selected in the Top 3, you will automatically be entered into the Grand Prize drawing at the end of the month.

For complete details, please visit my Studio J® Challenge page now.

Now Let’s Get to Work:

Before you get started, watch this great CTMH produced Studio J® tutorial:


I look forward to seeing all of your artwork – and I wish you all luck.  But remember, we need at least 10  individual participants to award the prize – so please, tell your friends!  ♥

Blessings and Happy Crafting,


SPARKLE WITH STUDIO-J Saturday Spotlight

2 Apr


It’s time to make your Studio J® layouts sparkle with clear Sparkles and Opaques Pearl adhesive gems!



Embellishments & Studio J

One of the things I love most about Studio J custom prints is how easy it is to add dimension and life with just a few simple embellishments.  Clear sparkles and Opaques adhesive gems are my favorites to use because they are so easy to use – just peel-and-stick.  It takes just seconds to transform a simple print into a fully-embellished scrapbook page.

Now you can create you own embellished studio layouts with FREE accessories during the month of April.

The Details:

From now until April 30th at 10:59 pm (PST), just buy 10 or more layouts in one order and you’ll get TWO accessories (one of each – Clear Sparkles and Opaques Pearl adhesive gems) FREE!

The best part is, there is no limit! You get 2 packages of FREE accessories for every 10 layouts you purchase.  So if you order 30 layouts, you get 6 packages of accessories (3 of each) FREE!

The Fine Print:

You must be a Studio J member to qualify; but seriously, if you are not a member already – what are you waiting for?  Studio J members get a 50% discount on all layouts, FREE jpeg images, FREE page protectors and FREE shipping!  Check out my Studio J Memberships page for details.

And don’t forget, during the month of April a $100 US/$115 CAN order qualifies you for a FREE Level 1 Kit and the April Stamp of the Month FREE – all together that’s a $32.90 value.  If you order your membership through my MyCTMH website, the cost of your membership will be included in your qualifying order!  You can read the details here.


LOVIN’ LEVEL 1 Saturday Spotlight

2 Apr

To keep you warm and dry during those cold April showers, Close to My Heart is offering up some of our most popular Level 1 Kits FREE!


About Level 1 Scrapbooking:

Whether you’re a seasoned scrapbooker or a beginner, you’ll love our My Reflections Level 1 scrapbooking kits. They include enough materials to complete two gorgeous layouts, with coordinating My Stickease artwork, B&T Duos papers, and cardstock for extra matting and accents.

Beginners love that the basic page is already done—they just drop in their photos and add a few easy embellishments.

Experienced scrapbookers love how fast and easy it is to catch up on their pages with these nearly-done preprinted layouts.

Children also love Level 1 Kits because they are so fun and easy to use!

And now you can get yours FREE!!!

The Details:

From now until April 30th – 10:59 PM (PST), when you place an order of $100 US/$115 CAN or more through my MyCTMH® website, you’ll receive one My Reflections® Level 1 Scrapbooking Kit of your choice FREE!

And that’s not all!  You’re $100 US/$115 CAN order also qualifies you to receive Blessed, April’s featured Stamp of the Month, a $22.95 value, for FREE!

There are 8 incredible kits to choose from, valued at $9.95 US/$10.95 CAN):

Oh, and did I mention that these Level 1 Kits are no longer available for purchase through CTMH?  That’s right – you can only get them through this campaign.  So hurry and order your favorite kit now, because these Level 1 Kits are available only while supplies last!

The Fine Print:
  • Limit ONE per qualifying order.
  • Shipping/Handling does apply.
  • Available while supplies last.


For more information on April’s Stamp of the Month, check out my updated Stamp of the Month Page.



And don’t forget to include our Hope for Japan fundraiser stamp set (a $7.95 value) for only $5 as part of your qualifying order!


Goddess Loves,